·[ Floorplan Development.

Developing the interconnectivity of the floors; how they work in conjunction with one another. The process is a whole, not separate elements, as is being promoted with the industry by the structure and produce.

The basement is accessed via an angular sloping drive down to the rear, with platforms bringing the set soap vertically down from the factory floor. This also allows natural light down, depending on the position of the platforms. The storage chambers run down the centre of the basement, which also provides support for the metal structure above with the various vats and pipes integrated into it.

The ground floor is for the workers only, it is reached by a pathway at the front, and the workers can then remain on this floor, climb the stairs to the mezzanine level, or enter the laboratory at the front of the building. The lab is a semi-enclosed space within the ETFE structure, with all facilities necessary to prepare and test new formulations of soap, retaining the ‘natural’ moniker, by adding no superfluous chemicals  for colour, longevity or other. The small pipes to supply materials will run here from the metal frames.

The first floor is reached via a slender reflective glass pathway snaking up from the entrance to the site, enticing customers and visitors up towards the rear of the building. Once the retail space is reached, the views available are prescribed, and show the journey of the product from fat, to the addition of water, lye, oils and any other ingredients, before being expelled onto the walls, filtering down into the setting elevators, before disappearing below ground to further saponify. The shop, like the factory will be very utilitarian in layout, in much the same style as an Apple store, or other boutique stores (http://www.archdaily.com/463327/spar-flagshipstore-lab5-architects/,   http://www.dezeen.com/tag/aesop/).basic floors floor plans


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