·[ Some Success in 3DS.

From the clay models I made, I made them into OBJ’s, as previously shown. Placing these into 3DS, I used modifiers to make mesh models. The concept of these is to envelop a large amount of the site, covering the area where the factory sits. The remainder is only partially covered, protecting some of the flora and fauna from extreme conditions.

There are no natural parks, they are manicured and planned, and there are few places in London for children to see a more natural landscape. As the ethos of the soap factory is a more transparent and educational approach to how it is manufactured, it is fitting to show other natural scenes on site. Also, the addition of bees on site will contribute to the large variety of plants, and in turn insects and small animals on site.


PLAN 23-01

Axo approach to site.

RENDER 23-01


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